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    Having gum problems? We offer the latest technological solutions that can not only slow down periodontal disease, but also stop the process completely. The following treatments make this possible and are performed with great expertise.



    Closed curettage is performed by a doctor under local anesthesia. We use curettage spoons of different types and the shape of the given tooth together with an ultrasonic depurator to remove tartar and inflamed tissue under the gums next to the tooth. During bone loss, pouches form next to the teeth, and these can only be properly cleaned with these instruments. In most cases, it is not necessary to treat the wound with stitches, but it may happen if the gums were very vulnerable. Once the calculus and inflammatory formations under the gums have been removed, it is possible to regenerate the gums around the tooth, thus stopping the progression of periodontal disease. It is very important to clean thoroughly at home after the procedure, despite the fact that we have to expect some sensitivity. The intervention can be performed per tooth or in quadrants (7-8 teeth), depending on the degree of periodontal disease.


    It is performed in advanced periodontal disease cases when the bone loss around the tooth, pockets formation is so extensive that we cannot achieve the desired result with other interventions. It is considered a minor surgical procedure. The procedure is similar to closed curettage, i.e. a curettage spoon and an ultrasonic depurator are used, except that the bone pockets around the tooth are surgically opened and the inflammatory epithelial growths are surgically removed. The essence of this treatment is to restore the correct connection of the tooth and the tissue. The intervention can be performed per tooth or in quadrants (7-8 teeth), depending on the degree of periodontal disease.


    Emdogain's unrivalled effectiveness is due to a protein called amelogenin. This protein is also produced by our own body during tooth development, but it stops being produced as soon as our development is complete. In a healthy state, the connection between the teeth and the tooth socket (bone) is provided by a strong fibrous system. This fibrous system is damaged by periodontal disease. During regenerative surgery, we try to restore this connection. Emdogain gel is injected onto the surface of the cleaned tooth root and the inner surface of the bony pouch, and the gum is closed over it. Emdogain gel not only stimulates healing but also has antibacterial properties. It is quick and easy to use and its beneficial effects have been clinically proven.

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