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    Diagnostics at Pure Dental Denistry


    Visit our clinic in Budapest and we will find the cause of your dental issues, set up a treatment plan and make your teeth not only healthy, but aesthetic!  

    Dental hygiene treatments | PureDental Dentistry in Hungary

    Dental hygiene

    Dental scaling (tartar removal) is considered as a minor dental procedure and perhaps that is why it is not given enough attention and importance. Dental scaling takes just one hour and you only need to visit our...

    Aesthetic dentistry in Budapest | PureDental

    Aesthetic dentistry

    Aesthetic dentistry in Budapest for the perfect smile: a complete smile design, dental crowns, ceramic veneers, aesthetic fillings, temporary restorations, dental bridges.  

    Root canal treatment in Budapest Hungary

    Root canal treatment

    Root canal treatment in Budapest: a painless procedure to save your teeth at Pure Dental Dentistry with the most up-to-date technology and equipment.

    Oral surgery | PureDental Dentistry in Budapest

    Oral surgery

    Oral surgery in the heart of Budapest at Pure Dental Dentistry: painless tooth extraction, wisdom tooth removal, resection, baby tooth removal, cyst removal, sinus cavity closure.  

    Periodontology | PureDental Dentistry in Hungary


    Having gum problems? We offer the latest technological solutions that can not only slow down periodontal disease, but also stop the process completely. The following treatments make this possible and are performed with...

    Aesthetic Oral Surgery | PureDental Dentistry

    Aesthetic Oral Surgery

    Aesthetic Oral Surgery: labial and lingual frenulum of the tongue removal, gum correction, crown lengthening, gum surgery, vestibuloplasty at Pure Dental Dentistry.

    Dental implants | PureDental Dentistry

    Dental implants

    Dental implants are one of the safest and most secure tooth replacement procedures. How and with what equipment is the dental implant procedure performed at Pure Dental?

    Bone grafting | PureDental Dentistry in Budapest

    Bone grafting

    After tooth loss the bone in the place where the tooth is missing is constantly atrophying and being absorbed. If someone has a long-standing tooth loss it is more likely that dental implants cannot be placed without a...

    Dentures | PureDental Dentistry in Hungary


    Dentures, tooth replacement options at Pure Dental: Full removable dentures, Partial removable dentures, Dentures for implants. Learn about our options and tooth replacement techniques, their advantages and...

    All-on-4™ Concept | PureDental Dentistry in Hungary

    All-on-4™ Concept

    Do you suffer from a complete toothless jawbone? Want a confident smile? All-on-4™ concept at Pure Dental Budapest even with bone replacement with a lifetime guarantee!

    Orthodontics in Budapest at Pure Dental Dentistry

    Orthodontics in Budapest

    Protruding, irregular teeth? Orthodontics in Budapest at Pure Dental Dentistry! Orthodontics for children and adults at Pure Dental Orthodontics. It is never too late to start!  

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    We look forward to welcoming you to the Pure Dental Dental Clinic. We provide a full range of dental, oral surgery and implant-related treatments, including preliminary diagnosis with immediate specialist evaluation.