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  • All-on-4™ Concept

    Do you suffer from a complete toothless jawbone? Want a confident smile? All-on-4™ concept at Pure Dental Budapest even with bone replacement with a lifetime guarantee!

    All-on-4™ Concept

    Everyone has the right to live a happy, healthy life every day with a balanced, varied diet, regular laughter and the confidence to get us through the tough days. Whether you have recently lost your teeth or have been without fixed dentures for many years - or decades - the All-on-4™ concept will radically change your current quality of life, restoring the natural feel of your lost teeth and your confident smile. 
    With its many benefits, hundreds of thousands of people have chosen the All-on-4™ concept since 1998, developed by world-renowned Portuguese dentist Dr Paolo Malo. 
    In the more than twenty years that have passed, not only the giants of the profession, but also many dental implant manufacturing companies have perfected the procedure, offering the alpha and omega of complete tooth replacement even more widely.


    For anyone who suffers from a complete tooth loss and struggles with removable, unstable dentures during meals or a good, self-effacing laugh. 
    Regardless of age, the All-on-4™ concept is also an excellent choice for those who have been without their own teeth for a long time and have now suffered bone loss. Bone loss is a common phenomenon that occurs in cases of permanent tooth loss, as the jawbone loses its "function" and starts to shrink in the absence of roots and teeth. To avoid this, it is recommended to have implant prostheses as soon as possible, which twenty or thirty years ago was almost unattainable. However, dentistry now offers a wide range of affordable and high quality procedures, encouraging the older generation to have a healthy, beautiful smile - it's never too late! 
    We also recommend it to our patients with periodontal disease who are about to lose their teeth. This is a time that can be both physically and emotionally stressful for our patients, so we want to give you all the help you need to take the next steps. Our aim is to get you back to your old, happy and healthy self as soon as possible, and the All-on-4™ concept is the fastest way to do this.


    Thanks to the procedural specificity of the All-on-4™ concept, in most cases there is no need for bone grafting even if the patient has suffered bone loss. The implants are placed in the jawbone at an angle to make the most of the available bone mass, thus ensuring maximum stability while preventing further bone loss. The procedure is relatively quick and completely painless. Thanks to the advanced Alpha-Bio and Straumann implants, dental implants can be placed immediately after tooth extraction and even an immediate temporary fixed prosthesis can be placed on the implants ensuring maximum comfort and aesthetic appearance during the healing period.

    ALL-ON-4™ AND ALL-ON-6

    The All-on-4™ concept is primarily recommended for the lower arch, while the All-on-6 is the best choice for the upper jaw. The two procedures are essentially identical, but the upper jawbone is spongier and softer than the lower jawbone, which is why six implants are recommended instead of four. The forces of mastication are thus more evenly distributed throughout the jaw, guaranteeing the patient lifelong quality and stability. 
    So you can say goodbye forever to hideous, full-mouth prostheses and enjoy the world's endless culinary delights for a lifetime without compromise - and without the unpleasant taste of toothpaste.


    In addition to the beautiful appearance and the comfort, natural feel that comes from stability the lifetime guarantee on implants ensures that you can enjoy your radiant smile even more.

    Patient opinion

    Visit us for a personal consultation where we will provide you with professional, personalized information and an individual treatment plan to see how close the fixed denture option is to you!


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    Visit our clinic in Budapest and we will find the cause of your dental issues, set up a treatment plan and make your teeth not only healthy, but aesthetic!  

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