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    Dental scaling (tartar removal) is considered as a minor dental procedure and perhaps that is why it is not given enough attention and importance. Dental scaling takes just one hour and you only need to visit our practice once every six months to ensure lifelong health for your teeth and gums.

    Dental hygiene

    What tartar can cause?

    • Negatively affects the aesthetics of our teeth
    • Unpleasant breath
    • Inflammation
    • Periodontal disease later on
    • Tooth loss

    In all cases, a personal consultation and dental check-up will be done before the treatment, to inform you about the procedure. We also provide oral hygiene advice where you can learn the correct brushing techniques.

    How is professional dental scaling done?

    Dental hygiene (tartar removal) is done with an ultrasonic depurator, which is used to remove the tartar above and below the gums. You can eat immediately after the treatment. Dental plaque removal is not painful, but sensitivity may occur. The degree of sensitivity depends on the health of the tooth socket. If you require it local anaesthesia is available.
    A round brush, similar to the head of an electric toothbrush is used to polish the teeth to make it harder for plaque to build up on the smoother tooth surface, preventing tartar build-up. This is called polishing.
    Finally, if required the surface of the teeth is blown through with a high-pressure powder-water-air mixture to remove stubborn discolouration.

    • Result: naturally bright, healthy, clean, white teeth.


    A beautiful smile is essential for confidence! Anyone over the age of 18 can have this treatment, which is the most effective way to achieve beautiful white teeth. It can be repeated every year, and is also recommended for heavy smokers or coffee addicts!

    The process of teeth whitening

    1. Treatment is carried out during one treatment appointment.
    2. In all cases, the treatment is followed by scaling and polishing, because the bleaching material works most efficiently on clean teeth.
    3. The whitening gel bleaches out the discolorations hiding in the microscopic cracks of the teeth that we are unable to clean by other methods.
    4. The oxygen released from the gel is the ingredient that does the bleaching.
    5. There is no bleeding or pain, but there may be some sensitivity in the gums.

    Important things to know after whitening

    You can eat and drink after whitening, but avoid any food or drink that stains your teeth (e.g. cola, coffee, green tea, red wine) for at least 1-2 weeks, and avoid smoking, as this can discolor your teeth. The use of clear products and fluoride toothpaste is recommended for a better and longer lasting result.The treatment takes 1.5-2 hours.


    Home whitening is recommended for mild discolouration or as a maintenance treatment after previous in-office whitening. It is comfortable, quick and painless! For a better result, in our office, our dental hygienist will remove plaque and sandblast your teeth before performing home whitening. At the same time, our dental hygienist takes an impression, from which the dental lab makes a customized deep-drawn splint. During the next short visit, we will try the trays and give the instructions and the whitening material to the patient.
    Home whitening products are available in different concentrations, so there are products for night and day use. As these contain a lower concentration of the active ingredient, it is recommended to wear the trays with the whitening gel for a few consecutive days to achieve the desired result. This is applied by the patient at home and the gel can be purchased from our practice.



    An anti-grinding splint is used in cases of jaw joint problems or night-time grinding and daytime jaw tightness to ensure that the jaw joint and surrounding muscles are in a comfortable, relaxed state. This helps the muscles and joints to regenerate, which can have a positive effect not only locally but also in general. To make the splint, an impression is taken and sent to the dental technician by the dentist. The dental technician makes the splint from a hard, transparent material that is personalised to the patient's individual dentition. This may take a few days. 
    It is indicated to reduce the clicking and pain of the jaw joint. Also excellent for relieving frequent headaches, neck pain, ear ringing. In the case of grinding, protect teeth from wear and damage. Due to the nature of the symptoms, just a few days of use can bring you significant results.


    Our dental hygienist will help you check how effectively you are brushing your teeth. A plaque stain is an excellent illustration for it. The first step is to chew and rinse a small tablet (a natural substance that is not harmful to health), which will dye the plaque. Our patient can see the result in the mirror. The dental hygienist and the patient then analyze and discuss the experiences together.
    Highlighting the stained areas, our colleague will demonstrate the process of effective plaque removal with specific instructions, techniques and visual instruments. Based on what is explained, our patient brushes his teeth with the help of the dental hygienist to ensure that the movements are fixed. The plaque staining is then repeated to check the success of the brushing.
    Instructing is an excellent option for those who are getting new dentures. There are also specific cleaning procedures for patients with bridges or implants. Knowledge of these is essential to keep the prosthesis in its original condition for as long as possible. For people with periodontal disease, learning to brush properly is the key to prevent the disease.

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    Any other questions?

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