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    After tooth loss the bone in the place where the tooth is missing is constantly atrophying and being absorbed. If someone has a long-standing tooth loss it is more likely that dental implants cannot be placed without a bone grafting procedure.  

    Bone grafting


    In each case, we plan and perform the intervention individually, taking into account the unique anatomical features. To this end, we perform a CBCT (3-dimensional CT scan). During the bone grafting procedure we build up the contour of the desired bone using bone grafting material, absorbable or non-absorbable membranes so after healing we can perform a dental implantation.


    Nowadays there are many bone substitutes available on the market around the world but Bio-Oss® is the one we use most often. It is a premium quality and the most commonly used bone substitute worldwide considered the "gold standard" in the field. It is a bovine-derived product which goes through several sterilization processes, thanks to which it contains inorganic substances (calcium, phosphorus) that are the same as the components of human bone.


    Different membrane types are used depending on the type of bone graft. One of these is the Bio-Guide absorbable membrane, which is a collagen membrane. This is used to cover and fix the bone graft material. The collagen membrane also has a positive effect on the healing of the surrounding gum. During the bone grafting process the collagen membrane is absorbed and incorporated so there is no need to remove it.
    In contrast, for larger amounts of bone grafting the Cytoplast non-absorbable membrane is preferred. As the name suggests, this membrane is non-absorbable as it is essential to perform its function throughout the healing period, maintaining the space for bone growth. The first step is to replace the bone and after 6-8 months of healing the dental implant is placed. The membrane is removed during this procedure. Premium quality material recognized and used worldwide.


    In bone replacement procedures, we also use the beneficial effect of our own body, so we mix the bone replacement material with our own bone chips. The bone cells in them greatly help the process of bone formation, increasing the success of the intervention. We can collect bone from many places, using several procedural techniques, but most often we collect bone from the surrounding areas. If we need a larger amount of our own bone, then the area behind the lower wisdom tooth is considered the most suitable for this.


    We always keep our patients fully informed about the bone replacement options, procedures and materials. In the same way, we encourage you to contact us with confidence in case of questions - because today the lack of bone cannot stand in the way of carrying out implantation treatments.


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