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    Visit our clinic in Budapest and we will find the cause of your dental issues, set up a treatment plan and make your teeth not only healthy, but aesthetic!



    If you are a new patient, you can meet your dentist during a personal consultation. You can tell us why you have come to see us, what are your possible complaints and what treatments you are interested in.

    What you can expect the first time:

    • We perform diagnostic  - painless - tests
    • We carry out physical examinations
    • We take panoramic X-ray right at the clinic which is not always necessary.
    • We take before treatment photos of the current condition 

    Based on the above and according to your wishes, we will set up a treatment plan and discuss it with you in great detail. Based on the agreed treatment plan, we can arrange further treatment appointments at the shortest notice possible.


    We usually use digital intraoral X-rays as an additional imaging test, because we can take pictures of 1-2 teeth at a time. They cannot replace the use of panoramic X-rays, but they can help us to see the tooth in question in more detail. This helps to make the right diagnosis and select the right treatment. It can also help in a number of areas, such as the root canal treatment of an inflamed tooth or the inspection of a dental implant when precise diagnosis is outstandingly important.


    Digital panoramic X-ray is the most commonly choosen diagnostic technique used to assess the patient's overall dental condition and/or to perform a dental examination.

    It provides information on:

    • About the position of the teeth
    • Inflamed/cystic teeth
    • Cavities in teeth
    • Tooth decay
    • Sinus condition, etc.

    Digital panoramic X-ray

    It is quick and painless, and we can do it right in our office, without a referral. We can give the recordings to our patients in digital format or on CD. In addition, our doctors can also provide an evaluation during a consultation, even if the treatment is not done here.
    It is recommended to repeat it every year, during the annual dental check-ups, especially if you have root canal teeth, implants or wisdom teeth.


    In modern dentistry, 3D CT scans are used almost every day and offer many advantages, giving a much more detailed, three-dimensional view of the teeth, sinus and surrounding bone.
    They are indispensable for implantology, bone replacement procedures and the removal of receding teeth in the jawbone. However, they are increasingly used in root canal therapy, for the removal of more difficult wisdom teeth or for more complex root canal procedures, making the dentist's job easier.
    It is also quick and painless, and can be done in our office immediately, without a referral. We can give the recordings to our patients in digital format or on CD. Jewelry and glasses must be removed for the examination. It can be performed at any age if indicated, but is recommended from young adulthood.

    Our patient reviews

    If you have any dental problems, make an appointment and we will solve your problem! Making an appointment is easy and simple by filling out the form below:



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    Dental hygiene

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    We look forward to welcoming you to the Pure Dental Dental Clinic. We provide a full range of dental, oral surgery and implant-related treatments, including preliminary diagnosis with immediate specialist evaluation.