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  • Painless implantation surgery

    Painless and very effective implant surgery? It is possible! If you choose the professional intervention of Pure Dental Dentistry, we guarantee that you will be in the best hands during the entire time of the implantation surgery, even before and after it! Thanks to modern procedures, implantation surgery is very effective and almost completely painless!

    Painless implantation surgery


    At Pure Dental, everyone works to provide the best for our patients. We not only promise but also keep that dental implant surgery is completely painless. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and thanks to that you will not feel anything from the work of our professional oral surgeons. Although the implantation surgery itself is painless after the intervention when the effect of the local anesthetic wears off you may feel minor pain and discomfort. However, the pain after implant surgery is no greater than the pain felt due to a decayed tooth. Greater pain occurs if the implantation surgery itself was not performed well, if the implantation was placed incorrectly - however, this cannot happen with us! In this article we write in great detail about how to pay attention after implant surgery in order to avoid pain!


    Implant surgery at Pure Dental Dentistry is performed using the most effective techniques. For all our patients we provide a personal dental consultation, where we explain in detail the entire process of the tooth implant surgery, as well as the necessary steps before it. Before the implantation surgery a thorough dental diagnosis and a screening test are necessary to assess the condition of the teeth and the jawbone. Before the implantation surgery we carry out the treatment of possible dental problems, this is extremely important in order to avoid inflammations and further infections. We also assess whether you have enough bone substance for the implantation surgery, if not we have to start a bone replacement process.


    The implantation surgery, i.e. the placement of the implant corresponds to the time of an operation which is performed during treatment. However, the process itself takes much more time. If you have missing teeth and want to replace them with the most effective technique which is an implant then register now at our dentistry! You can do it online here, very easily!

    Steps of implantation surgery

    Implant surgery is a complex process. The implantation surgery can only be performed in the case of adequate bone substance if this is not present the bone replacement process can take up to half a year. In addition you should also know from the point of view of the process and timing of the implantation surgery that the duration of the implantation and healing of the implant after the implantation is 3-6 months. Only the crown is then placed on the implant.


    Dental implants are clearly the best and most effective procedure for replacing missing teeth. Thanks to the implant materials used at Pure Dental Dentistry the implant will be as strong and aesthetic as the original teeth - your healthy chewing will be restored and your smile will be bright again. During the implantation surgery we only use repeatedly tested, durable, safe materials that are timeless. These implant materials are so reliable that we also guarantee them. We offer a 3-year warranty for NeoDent implants, and a lifetime warranty for Straumann dental implants.

    If you also want to replace your missing teeth, contact Pure Dental's dentists specializing in dental implant surgery and request an appointment at our office now!




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