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    Orthodontics is available in many offices in Budapest, but if you want to choose the most effective and at the same time the most effective orthodontic procedure, we recommend PureDental's office! We use several orthodontic methods in our dentistry and offer personalized treatment for each of our patients. Modern procedures such as invisible orthodontics are also available at our clinic. We deal with orthodontics not only for children, but also for adults. Orthodontics is not available for adults in many places, which is because it is more difficult to change the position of the teeth at this time, but we do not know anything impossible!

    Orthodontics in Hungary

    Orthodontics in Budapest, efficiently, with spectacular results? Choose from our wide range of orthodontic appliances, even aesthetic, invisible appliances! Make an appointment for an orthodontic consultation at the PureDental office in Budapest!


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    Orthodontics in Budapest is only available for children in several clinics. The dentists at PureDental all agree that it is better to start straightening the teeth as soon as possible, and we also know that children's orthodontics is much more effective than treatments started in adulthood, but if someone missed this process in childhood, it can be replaced as an adult. Orthodontics in Budapest at PureDental Dentistry is available for both children and adults. Adult orthodontics can take longer than childhood corrections, because in this case the teeth are much more stable and it is more difficult to move, but with our effective methods and our removable or invisible orthodontic appliances, the process will cause as little discomfort as possible.

    You can read more about this here: adult orthodontics in Budapest.


    At PureDental Dentistry, we always try to keep up with the rapid development of medical technology and follow the appearance of the latest devices. In our clinic, we work with the most effective removable and fixed orthodontic appliances, which, based on our patients' feedback, are not only comfortable, but the results prove that they are also effective. There are devices that can treat small and medium lesions in as little as 3 months.

    You can read more information about orthodontic devices here: orthodontic information.


    Teasing because of braces is very common among children, and even in adulthood, the glint of the wires of the appliances does not make business negotiations and social events any easier. The latest innovation, invisible braces, is also available in Budapest at PureDental Dentistry! This is an extremely practical and aesthetic method for correcting disorganized teeth. Using Invisalign invisible orthodontic appliances, the appliance will be almost invisible during the entire treatment. In addition, it not only solves the aesthetic issue of braces, but also reduces treatment time thanks to its efficient technique.

    Are you interested in invisible braces? Read more details about it here: invisible braces in Budapest!


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