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    Missing teeth, thin bones? At Pure Dental, we have the answer to everything. We're here to serve our patients with effective procedures, affordable prices, and aesthetic dental restorations.

    Bone replacement prices

    At Pure Dental, in addition to professional treatment, we strive to keep our prices affordable. In addition to our affordable bone replacement rates, we also provide free general dental consultations. The general dental consultation may include information on treatments, their course, steps and duration. In our practice, we create a personalized, complex treatment plan for each patient, along with a quote. The offer includes any optional items that may arise during the course of treatment.

    A detailed price list of our catches is also available on our website, which includes the price of bone replacement: PRICES. 


    If you have been suffering from tooth loss for some time, we recommend that you contact us for help as soon as possible. Why? This is because the bone that originally supported the teeth has lost its function and is slowly beginning to decay in place of the missing teeth. Because of the bone loss, over time, there's a lack of bone, and without the right amount of bone, there's no place to put the implants. So the bone replacement is necessary to create all the conditions for a successful implant.


    Bone replacement is a long, complicated process. The average implantation time is six to eight months, after which the implant can be inserted. The cost of a bone replacement is made up of two components: the cost of the surgery and the cost of the bone replacement material. The amount also depends on the type of bone to be transplanted. At Pure Dental, we work exclusively with the highest quality, durable bone replacement materials that have been reviewed and tested. Absorbable membrane and non-absorbable membrane placement are possible, as well as self-administered bone placement. You can find bone replacement prices in our price list!

    What other costs may be involved in the bone replacement?

    Before a bone graft is performed, a detailed, personalized diagnosis is required, which requires a variety of tests. In addition to the price of dentures, the cost of dental work should also be taken into account. In all cases, a CBCT (3D CT) is required. After that, we can make a decision about what kind of material to use to build the contour of the bone, and then we can tell you exactly how much the procedure will cost. After the diagnosis is made, we will provide an expert opinion and prepare a personalized treatment plan, which will be accompanied by a price quote, in which you can see in detail how much the bone replacement prices will cost!

    If you have missing teeth, contact our dental office and make an appointment with us as soon as possible so that we can help you regain a healthy and beautiful smile.


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