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    Do you want a sparkling bright smile? With the help of professional teeth whitening, your teeth can be several shades whiter without damaging them. In contrast to home teeth whitening techniques, professional teeth whitening performed at Pure Dental dentistry does not cause damage to the surface of the tooth!

    Professional teeth whitening


    Do you envy the stars' beautiful white teeth and sparkling smiles? Curious about their secret? When you look in the mirror, do you see discolored, slightly yellowish teeth that look nothing like the white teeth you see in TV commercials and online ads? Unfortunately, teeth are easily discolored due to various influences. Even with good oral hygiene practices, your teeth can still be yellow. Not only harmful habits - such as smoking - stain the teeth, but also coffee, black tea and even certain fruits. If you are not satisfied with the whiteness of your teeth, we can make your teeth several shades whiter with just one treatment using the professional teeth whitening method.

    Spectacularly white teeth, a sparkling smile with a single treatment, without harmful effects. Professional teeth whitening in Budapest, at Pure Dental Dentistry! Request an appointment by clicking HERE!


    The entire process of professional teeth whitening is painless, the consisting of steps are presented in detail below. Whitening begins with a comprehensive dental hygiene treatment, which is performed with the aim of removing any accumulated plaque or tartar from the entire surface of the teeth. During teeth whitening, proper polishing is important so that the material used to whiten the teeth can stick to the teeth more effectively. In our dentistry, we use a special, high-quality teeth whitening gel, which is removed after the appropriate period of time, and then reapplied to the surface of the teeth. Mild sensitivity may occur, which disappears within a few hours. The entire process of professional teeth whitening takes 1.5-2 hours.


    There are also safe teeth whitening procedures that can be used at home, but you should not trust everything - the miracle cure available on the Internet, the miracle trick you can read on the Internet - because many substances can have harmful effects. In this article, we have written in detail about what to pay attention to and what damage improperly used teeth whitening procedures can cause. Would you like to protect yourself from harmful effects? Choose the professional teeth whitening available in our office, which can be purchased at home. It is not only much more effective than home practices, but also safer. You can find out about the various professional teeth whitening and teeth whitening prices on our website!

    Do you want whiter teeth, safely and painlessly? Choose the secret of the stars! Sign up for professional teeth whitening at PureDental by clicking HERE!


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    Smile design price

    Do you want a beautiful smile? Would you like to avoid having to hold back your smile because of your poorly aligned, possibly discolored, or slightly defective teeth? A sparkling smile is no longer an impossibility when...

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